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Hey There, Lonely Girl

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Mornings on a subway train, a young woman with brooding eyes and a pained expression intrigues Jack Roberts, a psychologist. What's the cause of her unhappiness--a problem at home, on the job, or with a boyfriend? He wonders.
Meanwhile at the clinic where he is a therapist, he takes great pride on his ability to relate with all kinds of clients. That is until Ryan Goodman shows up in his office. His arrogance, egotism, and rudeness are too much for Jack who asks the director to assign him to another therapist. When, however, to his dismay, Amy Dwyer, the young woman with the downcast eyes and sad look whom he sees mornings on the subway train, appears and begs him to continue working with Ryan, he relents.
Instead of being therapeutic, Jack's next session with him becomes combative. So much so that he decides to confront Amy and tell her the ugly truth about Ryan--namely, that he's a gigolo who preys upon women, uses them, and then casts them aside like worn sneakers. She, however, refuses to believe him. When he insists that she deserves better, she accuses him of unethical conduct and hurries off.
All too soon, Jack's prediction comes true; for Ryan runs off with the director of the clinic, who has resigned. Remorseful about the way in which he confronted Amy and ashamed of having violated his code of ethics in doing so, he tries to forget her. But he can't; for he is in love with her.
Only when she stops by to thank him for trying to get through her thick head the truth about Ryan, is he able, in turn, to reveal his true feelings for her. That moment marks a new beginning for both of them.

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