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Stocking Stuffer: A Bad Boy Christmas Romance

Length: 150 pages2 hours


This Santa's got a big package...and an even bigger secret.


People in this small town call me many things: Principal Ethan Stone. Veteran Navy SEAL. A bad-ass you don't want to f*ck with.

They don't call me Sir, unless they're playing the part of my sub at The Castle, the exclusive adults-only club I own...but that's my other, secret life.

As a well-respected local principal, I never mix business with pleasure. Then she comes to work for me: Holly Sweet, my school's new librarian. She's curvy, sugary-sweet, and can't look at me without blushing as red as a candy-cane.

She's naturally submissive but too innocent.

There are a lot of things I'll do to a woman, but I won't corrupt a good girl. Not even when she begs me to fill in as Santa for the damned Winter Festival. Not even when she's blushing so adorably in an elf costume three sizes too small.

Not even when she accidentally tumbles right onto my lap and lands on Santa's big package.

One touch of that sweet, curvy bottom and I realize, I'm about to unwrap the only thing I want this Christmas:


This bad boy romance is packed full of Christmas cheer, an over-the-top Alpha hero (yes, he's a school principal, veteran SEAL, and co-owner of a fantasy castle...why not, right?) and a curvy heroine who gives as good as she gets. It's as sweet and steamy as hot cocoa, and it'll make you wanna get creative with whipped cream.

Also included: one sinful Santa suit, naughty uses for Breaking Bad character names, a sprinkle of holiday magic and a big ol' happily-ever-after.

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