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A Simple Deception: Westmore Legacy, #1

Length: 314 pages4 hours


A Lord determined to remain a bachelor…

Ten years ago, Lord Garret Lansdale gave up everything to marry the woman he loved, only to be betrayed. Embittered, Garret leads a solitary life punctuated by temporary affairs. When his grandfather promises to reinstate him as the Westmore heir on the condition he marries, Garret comes up with a plan to regain his inheritance without the wedding.

A widow who cannot refuse his offer…

Left destitute by her first husband, then abandoned at the altar by her second, Mrs. Savannah Armstrong wants nothing more than to return to her beloved Boston, except her dire circumstances have left her at the mercies of her ex-fiancé. Lord Lansdale promises to help her but only if she agrees to pose as his wife. Savannah has no choice but to go along with the handsome lord’s plan.

Trapped by their lies…

Returning to his childhood home, Garret is shocked to find his grandfather ill and the Westmore estate on the brink of ruination. Garret and Savannah are forced to prolong their charade as together they work to save his inheritance. His attraction to the feisty widow becomes harder to ignore as Savannah proves to be nothing like the women he’s accustomed to. Savannah’s determination to leave England fades a little every time Garret shows he is not the self-important rake she originally thought.

… and the truth in their hearts.

As their attraction gives way to passion, it is all too easy to believe the lie is real. But revealing the truth will have lasting consequences, and the deception that drew them together could be the very thing that tears them apart.

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