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Song of Wishrock Harbor: The Invisible Entente, #2

346 pages4 hours


Gabriel Mulligan is a hard-nosed P.I. with a smirk on his face and ice in his veins.

Or at least that's what he tells himself.

Until a crimson-eyed woman walks into his life with a killer case and challenges everything he believes to be true.

Six men have been found naked and frozen on the docks of Wishrock Harbor, and a dark shadow lurks in the river ready for its next meal.

As the details of the case keep changing, the line between good and evil start to blur.

With the help of his best friend and some unlikely allies, Gabe will need to sift through the lies to determine who the true monsters are — even if one of those monsters is himself.

Step into the Invisible Entente series and lose yourself in a supernatural mystery of friendship, longing, and revenge.

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