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Kissing a Killer

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In the outskirts of the ancient city of Chester, twenty-something Eleanor Wright lives in a run down caravan in an isolated spot down by the river. She does tricks for men, for cash, to fund a burgeoning drugs habit.

It’s early winter, late Friday night, and there’s a thunderstorm hitting the town. A handsome young man knocks on her door. He’s a nice guy, far better than the usual creeps who come calling.

Eleanor’s tired and depressed and not really in the mood, but against her better judgement, she lets him in.

At midnight the caravan burns down and Eleanor perishes a hideous death, but is it an accident, suicide, or murder?

Inspector Walter Darriteau and his team are given the case and embark on a journey that none of them could possibly predict.

This is a traditional whodunnit that will keep you guessing to the very end.

“Kissing a Killer” is the fourth Inspector Walter Darriteau murder/mystery, and could well be his most difficult case to date.

What they say about Walter Darriteau:

I’ve never had a roller coaster ride to the end like it and we’re just talking about turning the pages of a book here. For those who enjoy a good thrilling mystery, yet again, I can but highly recommend this author, David Carter and this, his latest book.

Margaret Henderson Smith – Author of A Flight of Fancy! & San Marco the End of the Road

This was one of my favourite reads of recent months, a really refreshing novel that kept me engrossed throughout. I liked the writing style and David Carter has a unique way with words, his descriptions are particularly strong and he knows what to write without waffling on. The writing style, combined with well-researched material and a great lead character in Inspector Walter Darriteau made sure the storyline never lost its zest. 

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