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Solutions And Illusions Or The Devil On My Shoulder

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“You are not getting the point”
“Explain again...this time clearly.”
“Very well...but this time listen....clearly.”
A nod.
“It’s like this...I am real....You are the illusion, a figment of my imagination. But for some reason you are stuck in my head and I cannot get you out.”
“I understand what you are saying....however....could it not be that it is I who is real and you who are the illusion or figment of my imagination and I seem incapable of getting rid of you.”
“Well....ah....yes....I suppose that is possible...and I suppose it is possible that we are both right...however dynamically impossible that may seem.
Subject A stood from his chair while Subject B sat down in his.
Subject B
Ok...let us assume we are both right...we are both real and illusional which of course make us both delusional or possibly....probably both utterly insane....However....having said can we both be right.
Subject A
I do not have an answer to that question so it seems to me that instead of arguing the point we should set out to find an answer....out there maybe.” Pointing at a window.
Subjects A and B move to the window.
Outside is a city street. It is night time and the dark is only dispelled by a collage of neon lights and signs.
“It looks frightening. Maybe we should reconsider.” Said A
B frowned. Don’t be cowardly. We must go. We can not just sit in this room arguing which one of us is delusional.”

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