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Mishap: Book 2: Counterplay

Length: 146 pages1 hour


Amidst this shocking loss, the game must still be played.

Struggling with the death of their son, Andrew and Arianne Douglas put aside their individual desires and cling to one another, and their family.

Torn between duty to the woman pregnant with his child and his one true love, Gregory Adams steps away from Arianne, knowing her husband is the only one who can bring her back from this despair.

Millie Douglas reaches out to the last person she ever expected, spurred by the loss of the man most dear to her and her unintended culpability in his death. This unforeseen alliance sends a shockwave through her own life, and the family around her.

Each player has invested everything on the success of "Operation". They can't turn back now. Their careers, reputations… their entire lives… are on the line. Grief must be set aside, or they risk losing everything. 

The show will go on. 

1. An unlucky accident
2. An unfortunate disaster

The Counterplay Series follows the Douglases, Adames, Caissys, and O'Malleys—four intertwined South Louisiana families and their struggle for power, love, and revenge. Your move.

*This series is intended for 18+ audiences due to language and adult content. 

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