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101 Best Yoga Poses

Length: 296 pages1 hour


Yoga Poses in Sanskrit means Asana meaning “posture”. Yoga postures are used for toning and strengthening our muscles and to open our energy channels. These poses have a very good effect on our mind and body. They not only purify our body but also healing effects. They improve our digestive system and balance our hormones and various endocrine glands.

During a yoga pose one must breathe slowly and stretch his/her body to get physical and mental effects. This will strengthen your muscles, improve posture and prevent injuries. Yoga postures also have good effect on the pancreas thus improving insulin production. 

Yoga poses has a calming effect on our body and mind. It heals our body and helps us get rid of diseases. 

Through this book know about 101 most beneficial yoga poses for a disease free body. 

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