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Blackmail! My Roommate's Slutty Asian Girlfriend

Length: 34 pages41 minutes


Buddy is a shy nerd that lives in fear of his crazy
roommate, Evan. Unfortunately, Buddy can't keep his eyes off Evan's Vietnamese
girlfriend. She just loves tantalizing the poor nerd with her body! When Buddy
accidentally records Ivy in a compromising position, he gains the power to make
her do whatever he wants. Now he's going to punish this dirty Asian slut for
teasing him all these months!

Excerpt ~~~~~

In the mornings, Ivy frequently
entered the kitchen in nothing but her panties. I'd be eating cereal and
suddenly those big breasts would bob through the doorway. I'd spit out my milk
and she'd sneer and call me a pervert. I couldn't pull my eyes away, and Ivy
would stand at the fridge defiantly while she chugged whatever juice I'd bought
that week. One time she wiped her mouth and said, "If you don't stop
staring, I'll tell Evan. And he'll pound your scrawny butt."

By Senior year, she was practically
living in the apartment.

In a way, Ivy was no different than
any of Evan's previous hookups. She was into him for his drugs, and his
violence, and his flagrant disrespect for just about everyone and everything.
She dressed trashy, she talked trashier, and the tramp stamp tattooed over her
butt was identical to half the women he'd brought home that year. But I quickly
learned that Ivy Tran was not like those girls. Those girls, for the most part,
ignored me. Few of them acknowledged my presence at all. I was furniture, or at
best a pet. Personally, I liked it better that way. I think Ivy knew that, and
that's why she got so much pleasure from messing with me.

Ivy Tran was a cruel, calculating,
self-centered sadist. Evan had no idea what he'd stumbled into with her, and I
was too terrified of both of them to explain. She was smarter than any girl
he'd bedded—not in the book smarts way but in the manipulative mind games way.
It was evident in her eyes from the very first day we met. Even high, her
chocolate irises gazed back with defiant delight.

Ivy Tran was born and bred to cause
misery to men and women alike. I once saw her try to claw the face off a girl
because she'd given Ivy the side eye. They got into a fist fight right on our
doorstep that resulted in Ivy sporting a black eye for days. Evan thought it
was hilarious.

The girl didn't work. She relied on
Evan for most of her needs, though she did occasionally refer to a
much-beleaguered family somewhere in the city that paid half her tuition. The
other half came from a student loan that will never be paid back. Astonishingly,
she did go to Belleville, but whether she was a Freshman or Senior I had no
idea. She was hot as hell, but her face and body betrayed no exact age.
"She's legal," is all Evan would say on the subject.

After enduring the couple's company
for a year, I knew only two things for sure: Ivy liked to have sex, and she
liked to fight. Her filthy little heart craved the stimulation. She treated
boredom like it was lethal. Once, while Evan was hustling and she was stuck

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