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Taming Kayn: Dragon Brides Series, #2

Length: 149 pages2 hours


As a third daughter, Princess Aedria of Kania had expected a plain but comfortable life married to some countryside governor. However, on the day of her coming-of-age ceremony, a Dragon God showed up to her doorstep and changed her fate forever.

The Water Dragon Kayn has been banished from the City of the Gods and exiled to a barren island in the middle of the sea for one thousand years. Princess Aedria is sent to act as servant to the exiled God, to live out her life with him in the middle of nowhere. Kayn is arrogant and bitter about his fate, but when Aedria arrives on his island, a new purpose appears for him - to keep her alive.

Aedria is set on her duty to serve her God, but can she lead Kayn towards the path of redemption when her own life has been destroyed by him?

Note:  This is a follow up novella to The Dragon's Bride

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