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The Heavies: Warriors Series Shorts, #6

Length: 80 pages1 hour


Hollywood wanted to cast them as heavies. The Mafia wanted them dead.

'Action that's faster than a speeding bullet'

Bwana and Roger, U.S. Special Forces operatives, are vacationing in Hollywood when an agent offers to cast them as heavies.

They decline. They go up against real world criminals and terrorists; the make-believe world is of no interest to them.

However, when an A-lister hires them for their skills, they enter into the celebrity world.

It is also a world which the Mafia inhabit, and the gangsters don't like the operatives on their turf. 

Before long, the glamorous facade drops and the ugly underbelly of Hollywood is revealed. One of assassins, porn rings, and murder.

Like a movie script however, there's a twist in the tale; one in which the good guys will not be the last men standing.

'Ty Patterson's thrillers should come with a health warning: Highly Addictive'

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