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A Creation of Tomorrow

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Alice's daughter now missing, Cami was without a mother, and the one person that protected her from her father's anger. Now Cami continuously wore new bruises. 

Having no doubt Cami's father Tom was responsible for the bruises Alice turned to the police again and again, but just like when Patsy went missing, they repeatedly turned their backs on her. 

Alice was desperate to find help. With nowhere left to turn, she turned to the most dangerous men she'd ever laid eyes on.

Rumour had it that they were drug traffickers. The leader was thought to be the devil himself, and his men his demon disciples; but what choice did Alice have? She needed someone that could protect Cami.

They didn't wear patches on their leather, and they weren't called by any name, but they were brothers.

For Rick running a drug ring was challenge enough. Having each other's back was all that mattered - until Alice approached him. Taken with Alice, and drawn in the moment he looked at Cami's picture Rick ordered Jonathan and Swan to tail the little girl, and find out what they could about her situation.

What they found was that she needed their help. What they discovered was an innocence they forgot existed in the world, and a strength no child should ever have.

Her sweetness drew them in. Her strength tore at their hearts. They would do anything to keep her safe.

This is a creation of tomorrow...


By kathy artelle on May 10, 2017
I enjoyed this unexpected and unique story. The little girl is so precious. it was a very enjoyable read. 2 thumbs up

5 out of 5 stars
By wendy on July 3, 2017

5 out of 5 stars.

loved loved loved this book
another example of one of our finer new writers. She captured my attention and my heart in this book, the whole way through! Couldn't put it down, went to work with red eyes on the 3 days it took me to read!!! I can see this book becoming a movie and a great one at that... I can't wait for the next book of the series, and many more in the years to come, just an awesome writer.

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