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Injustice in America

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Injustice in America (formerly The Cheesecake Theory of Crime) is an offbeat guide for laypersons about crime and justice in America. The reader will acquire practical insights about how justice is administered, why most people commit crimes, and where does it all end. It is a very different look at the many sensitive issues linked to crime and the inequities of justice applied on a daily basis. The book includes topics such as illegal police practices, inept crime labs, wrongful convictions, coerced plea bargains, judicial corruption, corporate misconduct, and why crime is good for business, among many other issues. The reader will find a very different, politically incorrect, and bad-mannered set of observations about justice and fairness in America. Observations and conclusions are drawn from hard data, research, and the first-hand experiences of the author as a veteran scholar and practitioner in the criminal justice system.

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