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Legend of the Strega

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Never underestimate a witch on a mission.
Stella Evangeline is a witch destined to start a religious revolution. At least, that’s what she’s been told all of her life. Raised to be the guardian of a goddess-given family heirloom, Stella thinks she has a handle on the whole situation. That is, until the one person she thought shared her destiny stole the mirror right out from under her.
To track down the only angel ever to be born and get her mirror back before it’s used to end the world, Stella enlists the aid of Azra and his pet goat, Beth. It takes all of her magic and all of Azra's tricks to find the thief, but that’s no guaranty they will succeed.
As if the end of the world wasn’t incentive enough to get the mirror back, the stakes are raised even higher when Stella's very own brother is taken hostage. To protect him, Stella goes against her coven’s decision and ventures into Hell itself. As someone wisely told her, "The path into Hell is easy. It's getting out in one piece that's the problem."

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