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The Era Warfare

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Seattle, the year 2187. The Marshal of the Time William “Billy” Drake faces the strangest event in the humanity history: the simultaneous butchery of almost 100 million of persons in the whole planet. Without clues nor suspects, Drake must solve the enigma before the Builder of the Reality is affected by the strange event.

170 years before, the couple James Dacy and Mary Bell suffers a violent car accident from which incredibly they came out unhurt; yet, their lives have changed forever, they have become the trigger of a temporal paradox that threatens to destroy the threads of reality and time. It will be a race against the time to decode the mystery that’s changing the world as it’s known.

James and Mary must face the Chrone-Hunters, a gang of mercenaries sent from the End of the Universe with the purpose of ending with the couple. In their struggle, they will come across a brilliant scientific on the way who says to have the key to traveling through time.

But will it be enough their efforts to save the order of the reality, or finally, the altered Continuum of the time will destroy the life in the whole universe?
It’s a history in which each millennium disappears in a second, even the eternity might come to an end.

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