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The Lictor of Magic. Book II. The Adventures of J.J. Stone

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The Adventures of a Demon Slayer

Since earliest antiquity CMES—Consilium magorum et sagarum, The Council of Magicians and Witches, held sway over the paranormal communities of the earth. Their self-centered agenda of power and dominion, and blatant use of dark magic, chafed those allied to them and not.

For almost as long TIIIS—The International Integrated Interface Society, while vexed by CMES’ oppression, never found itself in a position to challenge it. That all changed when J.J. Stone, the carrier of The First Soul of Creation, became their new Lictor of Magic and champion for good.

The Lictor of Magic, the second installment of The Adventures of J.J. Stone, chronicles Stone’s arduous training that transforms him from a U.S. Marine into a soldier-magician. Stone’s early career takes place against the backdrop of a vicious power struggle between the forces of good and evil, where he quickly learns that the true enemy is dark magic, demons, and those possessed by them.

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