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THAT GIRL MONTANA (Western Classic): From the renowned author of In Love's Domain, A Flower of France, The Treasure Trail & The House of the Dawn

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A young girl finally escapes her father who had forced her to wear men's clothing and help in robbing and cheating. She is taken in by friendly Indians and stays at their camp. But soon chief of the tribe, asks his friend Dan Overton to take the girl as it is not good for her to remain in the camp. Dan provides for "Tana" and falls in love with her but, because of her past, she keeps him at a distance...
Marah Ellis Ryan (1860–1934) was an author, actress, and activist from the United States. She was noted as an authority on the tribal life of the Indians in the United States and Mexico and went to live with the Hopi tribe becoming the only white female to be ever admitted to their secret religious rites. As a young woman she wrote poems and stories under the pen-name of "Ellis Martin.”

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