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Counterattack: The Guild War, Book 2

482 pages7 hours


The Mendozan Guild. A criminal cartel. Ruthless and violent, it has killed almost everyone Samira Anders has ever loved. But she fought back, ripping the life out of the Guild’s boss of bosses in a storm of 40-mm cannon fire. Now, humiliated and angry, the Guild knows it must kill her too. It has to. Not to would be show weakness, and the Guild has too many enemies waiting to tear it apart. And Samira knows it.

Samira's choices are not good. Running is a really bad option; the Guild will find her, no matter how fast or far she runs. When it does, she will die a slow, painful death. So she will fight. To stay alive. To avenge those killed by the Guild. To hurt the Guild more than it has ever been hurt before. But Samira Anders is just one woman. Alone. With nobody she can trust. And humanspace is a cruel and uncaring place.

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