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Awesome by Design

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Many of today’s complex problems have no solution – only compromises, controversies, and contention. Although complexity is arguably, an interpretation there can be little doubt of the ominous caliber of complex systems. We don’t solve complex systems problems, we design solutions based upon how we define and analyze the problem and its parameters.

Designing a solution is a subtle but fundamental shift in professional practice from solving a problem. This is not semantic jostling but more a paradigmatic shift from solving as a terminus toward engagement as a continuum; it is a calculus more than a conclusion.

Awesome by Design argues the software design and development process is not only a design exemplar it is a quintessential cognitive surrogate for problem engagement. The core of the design process lies with eliciting requirements that guide the design. Thus, it is the art and science of eliciting requirements that drives what the solution must accomplish.

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