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Untamed: The Jade Forest Chronicles, #5

100 pages1 hour


A world within a world – a world within our world. 

A new order is established among the preternatural communities as the alpha werewolf Balfour is elected new governor, but peace is yet to come.

Amber misses her passionate moments with Balfour as he keeps getting busy as new ruler, but that is not the only problem – something new appears in the Forechester Keep, in the form of an attractive red-haired woman. She is warmly received by Balfour, who is dangerously attracted by her great power and beauty, but Amber suspects something bigger lies behind and she will not sit by.

Meanwhile, Balfour starts to develop an unprecedented aggressiveness inside the reserve, almost losing control of his own power. Amber is not afraid of this wild, animalistic force in the grip of wich Balfour is caught, and is not ready to give up everything she's fought for – not yet.

The young fae doesn't know that the enemy is already inside and the war has yet to start: an all-out war between witches and werewolves which will endanger the life of her loved ones.

Find out in Untamed, the fifth book of The Jade Forest Chronicles series, a paranormal romance full of suspence, action and twists, that will satisfy your cravings for passion and exciting experiences.

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