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Towers of the Earth

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They were called the Geh-i-nah, and they were dying. First it was the plague, forcing them from their ancestral homes in the east. Then the terrible journey itself took its toll upon the tribe. And when they found a seeming refuge in the mountains of present-day New Mexico, they were attacked again and again by a relentless enemy, and their ranks steadily diminished. Only Ayina, medicine-woman of the Geh-i-nah, could find a way of preserving their heritage. Only her wisdom, her strength, and her intelligence can keep their culture alive.

"Ms. Mayhar creates the vibrant portrait of a prehistoric AmerIndian woman and her society. We live, we breathe, we feel the hardships and joys of these people--who turn out to be not so different, really, from ourselves. We laugh and we cry with Ayina. A tour de force of the historical genre." --Robert Reginald.

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