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Incident In Rhodes

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Breakfast at 8 am. Victoria, Larry and Laura-Anne met in the dinning room for the first serving two minutes before the hour. James, according to Laura-Anne, had gone off early as usual, “Probably to see that young woman.” She suffered.

“Well we can get started and I am sure he will show before breakfast is done.” Larry replied not quite catching Laura-Anne’s implication. Then the light went on. “What woman?”

“We don’t know the answer to that dear. At least not clearly. It could all be very innocent.” Victoria replied then went on to explain the details. When she was done Larry frowned but kept his thoughts to himself.

Their breakfast was just arriving when a hotel porter entered the dinning room followed by a man in a gray business suit accompanied by two uniformed police officers. They came straight to the table,

“This is Inspector Papadopoulos. He wishes to speak to you.” He announce not pointing out any one in particular at the table.

Larry Foley stood from his chair and inquired. “Good morning Inspector. Is there a problem?” He plied his knowledge of Greek.....The police officer stretched his lips into mirthful grin and responded.

“Indeed Sir!, The Inspector spoke in English....nearly perfect. “Do you know a man named James Breckenford?” he inquire.

“Yes we do.” Larry was answering but before he could go on Laura-Anne got to her feet quickly and explained. “That’s my husband.”

A practiced, sad expression came across the Inspector's brow. “Please have a seat Madam.” He instructed gently.

Laura-Anne reclaimed her chair but kept an anxious stare fixed on the Inspector.

“It is with greatest regret Madam that I must inform you that your husband’s body has been discovered at the rear exit of the hotel. I am afraid it appears not to be accident or any other mishap. He has been murdered.

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