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Michelangelo's Medicine: How redefining the human body will transform health and healthcare

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Your body is much more than a collection of organs. It is a masterpiece, waiting to be discovered.

Over the course of his career as an emergency physician, Dr. Anoop Kumar has come to recognize that what we have learned about the human body is remarkably incomplete and outdated. In these pages, he offers insights into:

> Why reconsidering what we’ve been told about our bodies is essential to healing and well-being.
> What the complete anatomy of a human being looks like.
> How a new framework for understanding the human body will help create a more inclusive and complete health care system.
> What you can do now to start experiencing well-being.

Personal and profound, these pages take us inside the mind of an emergency physician as he realizes that honoring his patients and his profession requires challenging the dogma of medical science and offering a unifying vision for well-being and health care.

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