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Dear Anyone

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"I'm at a loss for words. I am here, sitting in bed and I have no clue what to write. This book blew my mind. After reading Remember Remember by Sue Whitaker, I knew that I could expect a brilliant story but I was not expecting that. At all. That was magnificent. It was perfection.
Two people with death sentences hanging over them, one due to illness, the other due to injustice, meet through the medium of letters. They build an unlikely alliance each coming to depend on these letters and each other. But one day the inevitable will happen and the letters will stop and what then?
I loved this book from start to finish (if that's not already obvious) and I thought that the storyline was breathtaking. I really cannot talk about this book too much because of spoilers but it's about a woman who suffers from pancreatic cancer and she writes to 'anyone' who is on Death Row awaiting his dreaded date.
The emotion that Whitaker creates is extraordinary; I think I was crying at nearly every single page because how the characters described what they were going through was so real.

"Have you ever stared at something until it goes blurry, and carried on staring at it until it disappeared completely? That is what seems to have happened with my whole life."
- Sue Whitaker, Dear Anyone

Dear Anyone is written in such a beautiful way that tugs fiercely at every single one of your heart strings and then after it's done with the tugging, it rips them out completely so that you're left in a huge messy pile on your floor.
After finishing this book, I just stared at my laptop screen, not quite sure what to think other than "wow". I didn't know what else to think about other than the amazing writing that I had just read and how I felt like I was the one receiving the letters off of the characters. It felt all too real.
My review doesn't even do this book justice. You need to go and get it and read it for yourself. You can get it on Amazon or on the ETA Publishing website for such a good price as well!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GO AND READ IT!"- Kirsty Hanson, 5/5 stars.

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