Sold: The Vampire's Slave

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Sold: The Vampire's Slave

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Length: 397 pages4 hours


Rosella Mason, on her way home from a party one night, finds herself in mortal danger. Rosella finds herself captured by vampires. Suddenly, she's in the hands of the most merciless vampire prince, William Valentine. With escape impossible and fighting back is suicide, she has no choice but to make do with her current situation. Little does she know the fairy tale she's always dreamed of could be within her grasp, and she just might change this new world, the vampire world.

Fed up with her stubbornness, the only thing saving her from William might be her tempting blood. Yet at the same time, her blood is driving him mad. The threat of vampires is ever-present. What is to become of her fate in his castle of vampires?

The world of vampires, protected by the vampire prince, is not too fond of humans. Having been hunted for centuries, humans are not exactly their friends. Enslaved by vampire kind, the kingdom of vampires has set themselves worlds above. Yet when their prince sets his eyes on a stubborn, fierce, determined human girl. The vampire society is in for a big change.

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