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Majik: The Elixir of Power

209 pages3 hours


Join sixth graders Elizabeth Mason, Chloe Martin, and Samantha Doyle, as they enter their first year at Stone Creek Middle School; they will soon discover what sets them apart from the rest of their grade mates. On the surface they may appear ordinary compared to their peers, however, the one thing that makes them extraordinary is that each of them possess "Real Magic". Each girl is gifted with a single unique magical ability; when joined together they can perform spectacular sorcery.

Teacher Ms. Hankenbaugh notices that something is awry about Elizabeth, Chloe, and Samantha. Although most adults have either forgotten or are ignorant about "Real Magic", Ms. Hankenbaugh is remarkably enlightened. She suspects the three friends yield magical abilities and not only does she crave to steal their magic for herself, but she needs their magic!

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