Flash Fiction Online: January 2015

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Flash Fiction Online: January 2015

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Sometimes a story comes along in which one character captivates you, or one person steers events in surprising and satisfying ways. Or one act that makes a meaningful difference. Or one life that, only months before, had not existed but whose story needed to be told for the benefit of the cosmic alignment of stars and universes.
We have three such stories this month.
First, a story from Leslianne Wilder, "Cliona's Coat." I remember first reading this story some months ago. I remember being so taken by this one mysterious woman with her collection of fur coats, and fascinated when I discovered... Well, you'll find out. Wonderful story well told.
Second, from Aimee Picchi, "Death Comes for the Microbot," a work of science fiction that explores the potential costs of the relentless forward march of technological advancement. This one will really hit home to those of us who still pull out the old Game Cube once in awhile because the Wii just isn't the same, or who occasionally eschew the Bosch when hand kneading feels right. This one little microbot struck the sentimentality bone with me.
Third this month we bring you "Star Box" by Jennifer Campbell-Hicks. People come and go on this little blue planet. People suffer and triumph every day. The task of helping everyone who needs it seems impossible. But what if we could do one small thing for one small person? Would it be enough? Sometimes, yes, it is.

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