Flash Fiction Online: December 2014

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Flash Fiction Online: December 2014

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An ancient Irish carol says, "The darkest midnight in December, no snow, nor hail, nor winter storm / Shall hinder us for to remember the babe that on this night was born."
Those haunting lines speak of hope in the midst of the the deepest despair.
Our Christmas story this year is just as haunting. "Hairbrush, Socks, Pencils, Orange," by Kate Heartfield, is a story in which a daughter learns something about her father that changes the meaning of Christmas. You may be surprised exactly what she learns. We hope Kate hasn't fallen in despair waiting for it to be published. We've been saving it for our December issue since March.
And speaking of hope amidst despair, our own Flash Fiction Online staffer, Stefan Milicevic, offers "When Death's Daughter Deals the Cards," a gritty tale of a coffin-toting girl and a bartender on a winning streak.
Finally this month is a story that may not fit our theme and may not be as plot driven as we usually prefer but that we couldn't pass up. "The Secret Lives of Sea Monsters," by Cislyn Smith, is a charming story that is what it says. We hope you'll love it too.

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