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Hide and Seek (Men of Honor book 2)

Length: 162 pages2 hours


Hide and Seek

There is no where you can hide that I won’t seek.

Dawn Collins’ life on the run was over, or so she thought. A father with the desperate desire for her blood has his target set on her. If she can stay out of his clutches long enough, then maybe she can live to see another day.

Kane McAdams lives on the edge. He didn’t run from death, he chased it daily. When his life was threatened he could care less, but when his beauty was targeted, Kane’s killer instinct kicked into overdrive.

The only thing hotter than the killers rage is Kane and Dawn’s unstoppable passion, but how can they survive? They can’t hide forever.

Standalone novella, no cliffhangers.

For 18 and older.  

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