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A story of lust, love and loss, but not necessarily in that order.

Jack Thorne exorcised his failed marriage by exploiting his job’s luxurious combination of long haul travel and generous expenses into a life of cruising international pick up bars, dallying with foreign romances and indulgent shenanigans with office colleagues. But then career and lifestyle was starkly truncated, suddenly jobless, his field of operations for sexual fulfilment had shrunk from cock sure intercontinental to just another guy in the local pub.

Facing a bleak loveless and sexless future, coupled with no income it wasn’t exactly paradise. Something had to be done, and as his new life slowly took shape he discovered the thrilling world of online dating. He explored the sub cultures that stirred his darkest desires, satisfying lusts that eventually led to unanticipated tests of his character.

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