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Detective Agency Alba Nuova

Length: 241 pages3 hours


Action, sleuthing and suspense – This book packs an explosive hit of all three.
When impossible crimes take place, ex-army captain Alex Falco is first to be called on the scene. His piercing eyes and uncanny insight are always invaluable, seemingly insignificant details become vital. Captain Falco's talents on the team can make or break a case.
Falco and younger sister Clara lose both parents in a traumatic accident while still young.      They are fostered by newly-weds Maurizio and Virginia. A new happy family, living and growing together in a beautiful house on the outskirts of Rome. The siblings enjoy a happy carefree childhood in the secluded countryside, yet right on the doorstep to the chaos of the eternal city.
A  life running on familiar grooves and seemingly safe from harm. A privileged and cushioned existence where it seems nothing could ever go wrong.
This all changes one Sunday, January 2012...the day two desperate criminals break into their home...

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