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The Fair Sea Maidens

Length: 239 pages3 hours


In this erotic re-working of L. Frank Baum's THE SEA FAIRIES, a young woman known to her friends as Haute goes on an incredible adventure with her lover, the injured sailor Corporal Cal. After wishing she could meet real mermaids, Haute and Cal are transformed into mermaids themselves and whisked away to meet royalty, sea life, and danger! Along the way Haute and Cal sate their growing desires, observe various transformations and magic, and experience a 50,000+ word adventure neither will ever forget!

THE FAIR SEA MAIDENS follows the text and outline of Baum's original adventure, but with altered characters and two mature protagonists eager to experience each other's new mer-forms. Transformations include breast expansion, gender swap, multiple breasts, remote play, petrification, polyp, and others - along with plenty of sexy mermaids!

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