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Sir's Online Plaything: Don't Talk To Strangers

Length: 23 pages18 minutes


Brian is a guy who loves to talk to strangers online. Eventually, he was quickly seduced by a mysterious online user simply called Sir. Keeping Brian bent around his thumb toying with him for weeks, he eventually got to meet him in person. He was captured!

"Suddenly he felt an arm wrap around his neck. He panicked then felt a pain in the side of the neck, through a hole in the collar and right through the latex suit. Things got slightly hazy almost right away. He felt like passing out. He felt a bit calmer, but his heart started to beat louder and louder. It filled his ears, but it was steady and calming. "

Tensions run high as Sir cages and starts to train him into the perfect little sex slave in this 4000 word short story.

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