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Dark Prisoner: The Kruthos Key

Length: 373 pages5 hours


Suna Di’Viao, the last of the Divenean race, blames herself for the death of her king and queen. As retribution for failing to protect them, she has hidden from the world for over thirty years, until a summons she can't refuse rouses her from her seclusion.

Feran Lambert, the youngest General ever appointed to Dunkerk's Guardians, retires his post in disgust. He's tired of representing a kingdom that means little to him. Fate, however, has other plans. His path leads him straight to Suna.

More than duty will bind this pair together.

Belthazar, a demon lord imprisoned for over a thousand years by the Diveneans of old, covets one thing: his freedom. Using his minion, Isafel, and an evil imp spawn called Ilio, they must find the one object that will set him free.

With underlords scheming to take the throne and demons roaming freely throughout Etharia, it's a race against time. Who will be the first to find the Kruthos Key.

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