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Epic Teen Fiction

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Six full young adult fiction books from among Lizzy Ford’s most popular series! Witches, magic doors, Greek gods – there’s something for everyone in this collection.

“The Door” – science fiction about a young woman in Arizona who discovers a magical door leading to the future. The Door Novellas.

“Dark Summer” – teen paranormal romance with witchlings and the ultimate battle between good and evil. Witchling Series.

“Kiera’s Moon” – sci-fi alien romance featuring a young woman whose best friend kidnaps her into outer space to find her a life and a mate. Anshan Saga.

“Broken Beauty” – heartbreaking teen literary fiction about a seventeen year old struggling from rape (mature teens only.) Broken Beauty Novellas.

“Aveline” – post-apocalyptic fiction set 500 years after the apocalypse in Las Vegas where a war is brewing between the city’s tyrannical leader and his Native American neighbors. Lost Vegas Series.

“Omega” – dystopian fiction with Greek gods and a kickass teen Oracle of Delphi set in modern day Washington DC. Omega Series.

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