Flower Gardening: 18 Gorgeous Flowers to Grow in Your Own Garden

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Flower Gardening: 18 Gorgeous Flowers to Grow in Your Own Garden

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Flowers are the source of pleasure for everyone whether you grow them, sniff them or stop to take a look at them. They bring calmness and coolness to your eyes. Flowers can change the shape of an entire yard or landscape by turning an ordinary area into beautiful garden. They are cultivated for many reasons and easily blend in with the surrounding trees, shrubs and ornamental grass.  Flowers with sweet fragrances are florist’s favorites and stand out most in your garden. Moreover, flowers and plants are also grown to reduce air pollution and make our surroundings cleaner.

In this book, we have discussed eighteen flowers you can easily grow at home.  It will help you to understand the importance of flower gardening and its never ending benefits. We have designed this book specifically for those people who want to enjoy a garden full of lovely flowers and their pleasing smell. After reading this book, you will have enough knowledge that will help you to choose the flower seeds and bulbs according to your requirements. 

This book has been categorized into five chapters for your convenience:

- Chapter 1 – Understanding flower gardening

- Chapter 2 – Five most fragrant flowers for your flower garden

- Chapter 3 – Seven gorgeous night blooming flowers

- Chapter 4 – Six beautiful flowers that can survive anything

- Chapter 5 – Colorful roses and necessities for growing flowers at home

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