The Forsaken

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The Forsaken

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The Tower
The biggest problem with being relegated to Hong Kong and the WPC headquarters was the isolation. I was forced to stand above it all, to look down through the slightly blue-tinted glass, to pretend I wasn’t banished across the globe from my family in Wilding Springs and held captive here like some pathetic princess in a fairy tale who really needed to get a life already.
I stared down at the harbor beneath me, the parallel histories of modern ships chugging beside old school junks while amazing if one thought about it, long past the luster stage. Because if I was going to admit it, there wasn’t a Prince riding to my rescue and this lonely heart in her tower really needed to stop feeling sorry for herself.

Ethie Hayle’s loss of elemental magic remains a mystery tied to the locket and the girl she finds herself bound to by the transmutation spell cast by Viviana Tepes. Unable to understand or break the control keeping all but her dark sorcery from her, she’s confronted with the truth—that the crazy old woman owns her and can get to her any time she chooses. Ethie must choose the Hayle way and pursue her enemy on her own terms. The trouble is, she has no idea where to look and there are far worse things out in the big, bad world than one clever and hateful sorceress...

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