Jerry Pam: Memoirs of a Hollywood Publicist

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Jerry Pam: Memoirs of a Hollywood Publicist

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A publicist’s job is a curious one. It is to gain as much media exposure as possible for a client, or product, yet he/she remains totally anonymous.

For over 50 years, Jerry Pam represented Hollywood stars, studios, and their films in this capacity. It was his job to draw attention to them all – and sometimes deflect unwelcome attention!

Along with launching The Beatles in the USA and representing stars such as Roger Moore, Michael Caine, Clint Eastwood, Angie Dickinson, Richard Harris, Jaclyn Smith, George Kennedy, Glenda Jackson, Burt Lancaster, Robert Stack, James Garner, and Richard Burton, Jerry also carved a niche as one of the most successful publicists working on Academy Award campaigns, helping many of his clients win an all-important Oscar statuette.

Offering a unique and intriguing insight into the workings of Hollywood and its personalities, this book literally takes the reader on an A-Z journey of Tinseltown.

Gareth Owen has authored and ghost-written 14 film related books and biographies, including three with Sir Roger Moore. He is based at Pinewood Studios.

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