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Giving Voice to Dawn: A Magical Tale of Self-Discovery

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What would you do if a dream invited you on a quest to find your authentic voice? Would you take a risk and step out into a new dawn…or would you roll over and go back to sleep?

For fans of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Ellie, a denizen of the cubicles of Corporate America, is numbed by an unfulfilling existence and befuddled by a grief she can’t explain. She’s also plagued by a mysterious dream that seems to point toward a long-forgotten mission.

One evening, a hawk wheeling around in a sky set ablaze by the setting sun tempts Ellie to spread her wings and lift herself out of her funk. As she contemplates quitting her job and setting out to discover her true life purpose, a wise mentor with gentle attitude named Mick inserts himself into her daily commute and begins guiding her in the ways of karma and animal spirit guides.

Goaded on by Mick, Ellie and her quick-witted buddy from work, Neil, become obsessed with cracking the secrets of the dream. They embark on a mystical quest that leads back to the American Civil War and forgotten truths that must be remembered if Ellie is to unravel the mystery of a tragic past that has stolen her joy and muted her voice.

Part bittersweet fable, part imaginative adventure, part historical romp, Ellie’s story will remind you that it’s never too late to sing your song in a new dawn.

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