Dan Brownís best-selling novel and subsequent popular movie, The DaVinci Code, created a sensation and intense criticism from the Roman Catholic clergy; yet it was fiction! Now, with Imma Pennís Dogma Evolution and Papal Fallicies, little known historical facts have been presented using the actual statements of priests, bishops, emperors, kings, popes and contemporary chroniclers. It shines a bright light on the evolution of Christian religious beliefs and practices that inspired Dan Brownís creation. A darker side of Catholicism is revealed ñ its schism controversies, the antipopes, papal corruptions and obscenities, the selling of indulgences, simony, the Inquisition condoned and encouraged by 73 popes, and the torture and the burning at the stake of hundreds of thousands of non-believers. Pennís critical history of the Roman Catholic Church shows the Curia presiding over an institution still in tune with the 13th century. Modern-day ìcafeteriaî Catholics may be surprised by some of the facts which have been kept out of the public eye. They may also be fascinated to learn how Catholic religious doctrine and rituals have evolved from pagan practices. Catholicism is ripe for reform. The recent priestly misbehaviors and the cover-up are well known and repetitive of the Churchís reactions to the misdeeds of its past. A fresh, transparent approach is needed to cleanse the institution of it excessive non-spiritual baggage. It is no wonder that some prominent Catholics, like authors Garry Wills and James Carroll, have called for a Vatican III, a coming together of the Church, to bring about the necessary public apologies and reforms. Readers may be interested to learn of the revelations in this book. Here are just a few examples: ¶ Two popes, Vigilius (537-555) and Boniface VIII (1294-1303), had their predessors imprisoned where they died of starvation. ¶ Michelangeloís patron, Pope Julius III (1550-1555), appointed his homosexual partner, Innocenzo, to be a cardinal at age 15. ¶ In 1229, Pope Gregory IX decreed that only ordained priests were allowed to read the Bible. Two years later he began the Inquisition which lasted 600 years. ¶ Pope Leo XII (1823-1829) ordered the Jews in Rome to be relocated to a ghetto. That paractice soon spread to many other European cities. ¶ Pope Pius XI (1922-1939) ordered German Catholics to stop their hostility toward Adolph Hitler. ¶ Before becoming Pope Pius XII (1939-1958), Cardinal Pacelli, the Vatican Secretary of State, negotiated a concordant agreement with Adolph Hitler. And, following WW-II, the Vatican assisted many Nazi officers who participated in the Holocaust to make their way to Argentina. ¶ The Vatican officially recognized dictators Benito Mussolini and Juan Peron, and Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen as Knights of the Roman Catholic Church. Also, two CIA directors, William Casey and John McCone were given the same honor for providing US intelligence secrets to the Vatican during the Cold War. ¶ During the last two and a half centuries only seven names have been adopted by popes: John, Benedict, Pius, Gregory, Paul, Leo, and John Paul. ¶ At least 12 popes were sexually active, and at least four were actually married, beginning with St. Peter. ¶ Two popes, John XI, Paul III, were the illegitimate sons of popes. ¶ Forty different antipopes (today considered imposters) claimed to rule over the church for a total of 170 years between 251 and 1449. One of these antipopes was later made a saint. ¶ At his coronation Pope Benedict I decreed: ìTo those who are well, and especially to the young, bathing shall seldom be permitted.î ¶ Pope John XIX (1024-1032) predicted the world would end and Jesus would return in the year 1030. Apparently, he was fallible. ¶ From the second through the fourth centuries baptisms were performed only on Easter and Pentecost. Prior to the immersion or affusion, the candidates remo
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