Fortress: Poems 6

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Fortress: Poems 6

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Some thinking is visual, as in spatial ability. We buy travel postcards and take photos. Communication can be done by gestures. But most of our lives are about relationships, where the visual and the gesture are enriched by language. We talk to each other, about each other, and think about our personal experiences - and sensations - in words.
These poems capture experience, much of it in relationships. Loneliness. Despair. Arguments. Affairs or almost-affairs, turn-ons and turn-offs, regret and joy. And sometimes, the need for denial.

Fortress is about all of this. How we manage in a world of trouble, and how we can sometimes focus on the best parts, and sometimes, find a way to step out of the march of truth for a moment of peace. This book contains a few mildly adult situations. It is not for children.
For the impatient, there are cinquains: each a short read with a point or a laugh. For the patient, there are longer poems, including an improper rondeau, free verse, a mirror, and stanza rhymes.
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