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Bible Doctrine Made Easy - Elements of the Gospel

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The Essential Elements of the Gospel Explained and Made Easy - The Bible is full of foundational teaching, but few people really know what it says. There are some basic doctrines that should be the foundation of every believer.

Do You Know Why God Made You The Way He Did? - Few people really know what really happened when Adam and Eve sinned, or why mankind is the way it is.

Do You Really Know God? - Most Christians know a lot about God - or at least they think they know a lot about Him. How well do you really know Him?

Do You Know Why Jesus Died For You? - There are many people who are confused about what salvation is, and what it means to be born again. Some people feel that being a Christian makes them different. They feel that they are an outcast, and it is not something special.

This series will answer all your questions in a way that is simple and easy to understand. You will not be stuck anymore if someone asks you about them - You will know the answer.

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