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Origin and Fate of Universe

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Continuing the research outlined in the book ‘In Search of Origins’, Jamshed Akhtar presents more hints from the Quran, combining epistemological study of ancient text with scientific research. These hints point towards a Super String based cyclic Universe, teeming with 'life and Intelligence' at different levels of maturity, and unfolding according to a 'mother of all programs’.
The revelations also reveal the existence of a dynamic mechanism for administration of universe with a ‘Federation of Intellects’ at highest levels.
The research asserts that man will outlive his planet of origin, surviving long in the universe; and resolves several difficulties in the standard scientific models.
The Creator, emerging from the literal interpretation of verses, differs from the ‘man in His image’ concept, and covers many universes, spread over levels upon levels of existence and perception.
Investigation and corroboration of hints presented here, through a panel of experts, is likely to change our future in a way that would be beyond any science fiction author's dream.

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