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After a financial crisis nearly collapses the health care industry, the Public Health Service (PHS) is created, taking over health insurance and the centralizing control over the hospitals. Dissatisfied with the delays and expense of this system, Stanley Williams makes a deal with a local private hospital, FairPoint for an out patient procedure. He becomes their new community relations manager to pay off his medical bill. When father, George, needs a pacemaker Stanley commits himself to FairPoint full time.

Soon after starting his new job, a co-worker, Mark Bitterman dies in a suspicious hunting accident leaving a cell phone with a message for Stanley. Told the phone is the key to a hidden stash of money stolen from the hospital, Bitterman task Stanley with keeping it y away from the murderous thieves. Meanwhile, Stanley is harassed by the regional PHS director, Barb Overman, who tries to force him into investigating FairPoint's hidden back lot. When he does, Stanley discovers his employer is operating an illegal cancer treatment center that is saving lives. He refuses to cooperate any further with Overman in order to protect the hospital's secret.

Stanley's car is shot up one day and he and George are swatted some time later. Realizing these tactics haven't forced Stanley to turn the phone over to them, the use the Overman and her Public Health Service to get him to cooperate. After George is taken by Overman on trumped up charges that he has an illegal pacemaker, and threatened with involuntary open heart surgery to take the pacemaker out of his chest, Stanley agrees to trade the phone for his father. Stanley arranges to make the exchange at Bitterman's deer blind, where he discovers the missing files to all the stolen money and the means to decrypt them. When Overman shows up with two of Stanley's co-workers, he realizes they are there to kill him and the PHS director and take the phone and pass word needed to recover their stolen money. One of the thieves, Mike Saverola, brings along a swarm of large insect like micro drones who he has used in previous murders. Stanley manages to free his father, trick the micro drones into attacking the other thief and escapes with a wounded Overman. They are chased down and trapped by the hell bugs, leaving Overman to sacrifice herself so that Stanley might still escape. He manages to survive the swarm of micro drones trying to chase him down by finding a stagnate pond and out waiting his electronic pursuers.

Back home recovering from his fight with the devil flies, he is asked by the FairPoint executives to retrieve the stolen money. Stanley agrees and travels to Medtown," the suburban city that is home to an enormous regional government hospital that is providing medical care on a massive, if impersonal, basis. Stanley is able to recover $28 million for FairPoint and is escorted back to town by a three man security team. They are ambushed just outside of town when the escort vehicle is knocking off the road by a robotic ram, controlled by Saverola. The killer forces Stanley to transfer the money to his car and attempts to flee. Stanley manages to pry open the back doors of the wrecked escort vehicle and releases two wolf like autonomous robots, one of which destroys the rambot while the other chases down Saverola.

Returning to FairPoint to clean out his desk and quit the hospital, Stanley confronts the interim director and accuses him of using the money recovery team as bait to get Saverola out in the open. Before leaving for good he is asked by the chief physician not to give up on FairPoint and to consider returning if the doctors seek him out.

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