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The Living of a Life

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With these short stories K. J. Tesar explores the thoughts, and hopes, that accompany people as they confront difficult situations in their lives. As they navigate their way through the intricacies of their lives they strive to understand their situations better, and the forces that drive them. The twists and turns of life take them in different directions, and cause them to feel an array of emotions. Life's changes are thrust upon them, and they are forced to deal with their new circumstances as well as they can. Different perspectives on living can be seen to emerge from the changes that affect these ordinary people's lives. It is a study of the human condition, and man's behaviour as he questions his role, and his path in society.
His poetry exposes the darker depths of man. The 4 Poems explore vastly different aspects of life, from When Evil Descends, which is a poem about the ferocity of man towards his fellow man in World War 2, to the surreal dreamstate of A Life Fades, a poem about a man lost in his life, searching for escape.

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