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True Crime Confidential Volume 3: True Crime Confidential, #3

132 pages2 hours


18 Truly Horrific Murder Cases, including;
Wife, Mother, Murderess: Two children lay gravely wounded, another is D.O.A. Could their young mother really be the shooter?

A Japanese Cannibal in Paris: A brilliant Japanese student develops a taste for Western women while studying in France.  

A Passion for Evil: When Snuff movie aficionado, John Maden, decides to indulge his darkest fantasy, no one is safe – not even his 12-year-old niece. 
Teenage Rampage: A James Dean wannabe and his jailbait girlfriend set off on a deadly road trip, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. 

Mother Knows Best: How far will a mother go to maintain control over her children? As far as torture? As far as murder?  
An Officer and a Psychopath: Who could have known that the colonel was a cross-dressing serial killer. 
One Night at the Opera: A beautiful violinist goes missing during a performance and ends up dead in a ventilation shaft, leaving the NYPD with a conundrum to solve. 
The Man Who Wasn’t There: Only one man could have committed the murder, but he was miles away at the time. One of history’s most enduring murder mysteries. 

Plus 10 more riveting true crime cases. Scroll up to get your copy now. 

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