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Richard Matheson Thrillers: I Am Legend, Someone is Bleeding, Ride the Nightmare, Fury on Sunday

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From Richard Matheson, author of I Am Legend, comes a four-book bundle of his best thrillers. Revenge, murder, and horror abound in these stories of speculative fiction as the dark side of humanity is explored.

I Am Legend: Sometimes referred to as the modern world’s first vampire novel, I Am Legend was the original inspiration for the film Night of the Living Dead, which spawned the zombie genre of films and literature. Telling the story of the last surviving man in Manhattan after a deadly pandemic that turned people into blood-sucking zombies, it’s a fascinating introduction to horror, zombie, and vampire genres.

Someone Is Bleeding: Young novelist Dave Newton is instantly smitten when he meets blonde, beautiful Peggy. But Peggy has a past full of abuse and terror—and she’s involved with Jerry, a lawyer with mob connections and an old rival from Dave’s college days. Soon, Dave finds himself caught in a love triangle with Peggy and Jerry, desperate to win her affections. But when corpses begin to pile up in Peggy’s wake, Dave must face the truth that either Jerry is a mass murderer—or Peggy is.

Ride the Nightmare: At 32, Chris Martin lives a conventional life. He’s married with a daughter, runs his own small business, and is working to save up money for a bigger home with his wife, Helen. He is happy and content with this staid but comfortable existence—until a secret from his past threatens to undo everything he has built.

Fury on Sunday: In the early hours of a Sunday morning, lunatic pianist Vincent Radin escapes from an insane asylum and sets out on a revenge-fueled rampage. His aim is to find the two people who have hurt him most—his erstwhile manager and his lover’s new husband—and end their lives.

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