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Servin' Justice -Volume 2 - From White Savage to Cowboy Knight

467 pages7 hours


The tests and trials of life are not an option. Everyone has to face them. And seemingly small things can have a significant impact, even to the changing of life's path. As he rode away with the cavalry as their scout, there was no way Buck Shylowe could have known that this was the commencement of many, varied changes which were to come into his life, with the least of these being his name. All of these transformations would be life altering. His emotions will span the length and breadth of highs and lows, as he comes face to face with some of his deepest sorrows, as well as find some of his greatest joys, along with everything in-between. These changes and challenges are going to require great strength of character and integrity if he is to come though the trials a better man.

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