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To No Man's Glory: A Child's Journey from Holocaust to Healing: A Memoir

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Moments before the slaughter of orphans in Riga, a young Jewish woman snatches a half-Gentile boy and flees into the forests of Nazi-occupied Latvia where they spend four years dodging captivity. His faith in God and natural optimism carry him through the resulting trauma, but he must overcome his anger and shame when he is sent to America as an adolescent.

Much more than a war story, "To No Man's Glory," is the story of desperation of a child who sacrifices his childhood to the terrors of surviving inhuman conditions. It is the faith and hope that dominates the human spirit if we will let it. It is a story that could take place in any time period; in any war…it just happens to take place during World War II, during the Holocaust. But it is mostly the story of a little boy who develops the strength to live under conditions that kill millions of others less fortunate.

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