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Viking Hunter Volume 1 Grab The Wolf

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What if you killed someone for insulting you, and when their family took you to court the judges punished them instead of you, for insulting the law because the dead person knew what the law was and they must have wanted it because they certainly went begging for it.

One continuous Saga of Love, Murder, and War among people who'll balk at nothing but a saleable excuse for their crooked courts, available as 3 separate Volumes/Parts.

In Volume/Part I, Grab The Wolf, Chieftains conspire, vengeance for old killings visits, and loves and obsessions turn to murder.

In Volume/Part II, Kill Them Twice, conspiracies bear fruit as battle presages battle, hunters hunt, and war invades the forests.

In Volume/Part III, war trades faces as the law and honor shove the hunter home guard, sailors, and everyone's kin at the other's throats.

In the year 1000 Leif Erikson sailed to the New World and back to Greenland.

This time Viking Outlaws who'd been run out of everywhere sailed back in droves to the island of Hellulandia (Newfoundland). Many of the Irish too sailed to New Tara (Chesapeake Bay) hoping to finally rid themselves of those damn Norwegians and Danes. No such luck.

Eventually, on Hellulandia, law and order broke out again and their own outlaws were tossed off the island west onto Skoggangurstrond (Outlaws Coast/New Brunswick) where their descendants eventually again imposed law and order, sort of, under new Chieftains who also took to outlawing and booting out their own trash.

It's the year 1279 and everyone including the Skraelings who've been there long before the Norse and Irish are plotting to get rid of those double, triple, and quadruple crossing guys who aren't their guys just one last time, all over again.

Dead in the middle of Skoggangurstrond where all crossings converge are Chieftain Tore's Ravens, who know a good deal about what's going to crop up, having planted it, and great deal more about cutting it down.

Tore and his crews are heading off to New Tara, leaving behind them his twelve hunters, their leader his criminally womanizing Marshal, the village priest and a blacksmith who are not supposed to even see the army headed their way. Destroying it has been left in other hands.

But, . . .

In the icy, edge of spring forest night a hundred women and girls who can't stop fighting with each other and have never killed anything worse than crop raiding pests follow the hunters into their black and forbidding realm against an army twice the size those other hands haven't done a thing about.

Foremost among Marshal Jarnulf's fighting women are his current woman, and a most enticing infuriation, his ex, warring with him and each other over who really owns him.

With bows, and steel they barely know how to use, the women can't win a fight and they know it.

But with the skills of their hunters, undreamt even now, they're going to find that in war as in love fair is a fable untold by an idiot, because fair killed him before he could tell it.

Ravens, always last to leave the field of battle.

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